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Sea caves

Sea caves
Unspoilt landscapes and primitive, small bays seductive, valleys and abyssal caverns iridescent marine

Throughout the Gargano promontory hundreds and hundreds of caves open wide their mouths inordinate, greedy of light at the base of the mountains strapiombati in the cerulean waves. Unsuspected beauties, visions of magical colors in the bowels of the mountain. Who with a fisherman\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s boat, starting from the beach of morning, following the gentle undulations of a coastline that enchants as much penetrates, is forced to stare in wonder before the treasures of beauty that this coast used to dispense its appassianati amateurs. It discovers the most precious pearls of his chest: marine enchanting, unspoiled landscapes and primitive, seductive coves, caves and valleys abyssal marine iridescent.

Between morning and Vieste there are numerous caves, beautiful and charming, large and small, accessible or not. Here we will describe only a few that are spread around until Vignanotica .

The cave that no longer exists
rnBefore we even talk about them, however, it is fair to give prominence to a cave, which today is no longer visible to us, but which has had a considerable importance to our beaches: La Grotta Donga . rn

It collapsed in 1943 following the shots target of Allied Navy, anchored in the waters of the morning. Its collapse led to loud noises so as to lead one to think it was an earthquake. Of all the thousands of cubic meters of material fell, the sea, with a wonderful workings, that the hand of man can not accomplish , hath served to rationally distribute it to the coast of morning, forming a lovely stretch of beach, where First there were the rocks inaccessible.

Cave of Pigeons
La Grotta dei Colombi , triangular, so named for the thousands of pigeons that nest in it. It is about 5 km from the beach in morning , but only 2 from that of Mattinatella . It \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'about 10 meters wide and 70 long, the height is about 40 meters.

Cave Strut
The Cave of the strut , oval: the beach is 7 km away. E \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'30 meters wide, 40 long and 45 high.

Cave of the Dead
The Cave of the Dead : ancient cave collapsed in the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'30s. In it, a height of about 2 meters, is still visible object in a rustic form of a lamp from which fishermen have used to light a votive candle in memory of some of their comrades hit by a storm and forced to yield to the fury sea ​​after an unequal struggle. Until a short time ago, were still visible remains of human bones. Distance from the beach morning about 8 kms.

Grotta delle Fate
The Cave of the Fairies , is 9 km from the beach in morning. E \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'12 meters wide and 80 long and 14 to 16 meters high. A slab candid, almost marble, it is the turn dazzling, beautifully colored walls: a symphony of colors unmatched.
Even the legend has reserved a certain joyfulness in tales handed down. It is narrated in fact of this \\\\\\\\\\\"magnificent residence of fairies that, in leisure hours, with infinite patience and extreme delicacy, have delighted to decorate the nakedness of the rock, with precious arabesques woven with thread-like layers exquisitely colored\\\".

Grotta Campana
The Bell Cave , so called because of its shape like a huge bell. Distance from the Grotta delle Fate 1.800 km from Mattinatella 7. It is accessed by a large opening about 5 feet, and its inner circumference is about 250 meters. You will be struck by a magnificent beach circular colorful pebbles, 4 meters wide, on which you get off the boat in order to better observe and enjoy the amazing view of the immense extraordinary amount. And \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'this prodigious work, a true miracle of nature, we can say a work of art itself with all the appearance and amenities of a huge temple, worked and perfected by the skilful hand of man.

Rushes and elva sea height of over 50 meters. The visitor sees in the cave between two depths: at the foot of the abyss bottomless sea, on the head of that boundless time.The interior is formed of limestone blocks and for the entire circumference there are horizontally embedded layers of silica or ocaia stone, brick-red color, the thickness of about 8 cemtimetri: layers that are gradually narrowing towards l \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' high symmetry and in perfect agreement with the bell shape of the cave. Its walls are covered with clear and smooth as by a veil of bluish patina that the sun\\\'s rays falling on the water from the access port make it shine as heck crystal iridescent. The show is so great as to raise the spirit to the joy of the supernatural.

Cave of Bats
The Cave of Bats : its name comes from the continuous presence of numerous bats.Distance from Grotta Campana and 200 meters from morning 11 km. Has the shape of a rectangular prism, from 5 to 7 m wide, 43 long, and high 7. For the imaginative beauty of the colors, produced by the rays of the sun crashing in the early hours of the morning is much higher than in Bell Cave and brings to mind Grotta delle Fate .

Surely the coast Mattinata has many other small and large caves, which, however, no name has ever been given, or lack of legends or lack of similarities. So it can hardly be said Caves Minor , nor for lack of beauty nor for anything else, but simply have been \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"neglected\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".

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